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Friday, September 17, 2010

Updates marathon Episode 3!

Quick updates for today since I am busy cooking rendang minang at this hour :)

Plushies ordered by ian:



Plushies ordered by Cherry :

Plushies ordered by Ezreefa:

Mrs and Mr Gigiey :)

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Updates marathon Episode 2!

Happy Thursday everyone!

As promised, I'm going to update more pictures today :)

Have you been waiting since yesterday? (eceh...perasan lah pulak)

Let's "cuci-cuci mata" everyone :D

Plushies ordered by Adila:

The camera lover :)

Close up of the 3D camera ^_^

Plushies ordered by Syahrizad:

♡ Mr Blacky 

 Mrs Pinky 

Plushies ordered by Biya (my regular customer) :)

Thank you everyone! 



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

salam aidilfitri :)

Salam aidilfitri to all :)

After long hiatus, i am finally back!!!

So sorry to those customers whose pictures i haven't uploaded yet...

I am still in the process of updating all my orders...

So let's start with 2 customers for today...

Plushies ordered by Maireen :D

 Mr Ibra 

 Mrs Reen 

Plushies ordered by Siti Hajar ;)

 Miss Ijah 

  Mr Afiq 

Miss Wan 

Mr Aja 

That's all for today. Will upload more pictures tomorrow. Toodles~

p/s: Did you noticed I write in full sentences? Yes, I am trying to write in full sentences instead of short form. Good luck to me!