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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Quilter's Bag Giveaway!

Aren't they nice and beautiful? 

The Quilter's Bag is giving away 3 yards of Large Half Circle ribbons from American Crafts Premium Ribbon, 3 Fat Quarters ( 2 x Calico, 1 x Susan Winget), 4 assorted sizes of flower buttons and 1 Family Living Simply Delicious Chocolate recipe book! 

Let's join the giveaway here =)

Do hurry as it will end on 29 March 2010!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

monster key chains again =)

keychain monster lagik!!!

heheh...skarang zue tgh suke wat keychain nih...

cepat plak tu nak wat...

jom kite layan gambar2 keychain terbaru yg zue buat =)

keychains ni diorder oleh astrinee ;)

die nak zue buat monster warna hijau, biru & hitam...

Hi. I'm the juling bluey.

I'm blacky :)

Hello peeps! i'm the green loner ninja.

Hello. I'm greeny monster.

rasenye pasni zue nak buat keychain gune mate gerak2 nih...

cepat ckit buat...lame2 bleh juling mate zue wat mate kecik2 nih..

Konichiwa. I'm bluey monster.

monster biru ni pulak diorder oleh zuraini...

~thanks ya ^_^

NurelL’s Craft First Giveaway =)

Let's join NurelL's Craft First Giveaway!

The prizes are yummy! (esp the ribbons and buttons)

hmmm...drooling...heheh ^_^

The giveaway item are:

1/2 meter of blue-heart Grossgrain ribbon
1/2 meter of pink-heart Satin ribbon
a dozen of oval cream buttons
a pack of sweet buttons
5 pairs of colourful glitter hairclips
1 crocheted flower Brooch
1 wooden butterfly HP Straps
1 small butterfly wooden pin
Felted cupcake

Hopefully the lucky winner will be Cik Sepatu Merah aka ME =)

For those who haven't join this giveaway, do visit NurelL's Craft here!

Hurry up! This giveaway will end at 25 March 2010!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

CNY plushies order updates part 1~

Nak tunjuk gambar plushies yg zue buat mase cuti CNY aritu ;)

Black plushies ordered by 'kawan Jiha'

Threesome ordered by Elis

Mr and Mrs Gigiey ordered by Aminatul

Jandi and Junpyo ordered by Ain Fadzil

Jandi and Junpyo ordered by Dahlia Fatin

Blue weird ninja ordered by Amiza

Ucapan khas:
Time kasih utk sume yg order plushies dari zue!
Time kasih jugak sbb sgt sabar menunggu zue siapkan plushies2 ni...
Harap2 sume suke plushies yg zue buat!
Hihi...wat ucapan ala2 menang award plak...ish3x (@_@)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

gigiey family on pencil case =)

Pencil case ordered by adik Amalina...

thanks ya! orderlah byk2 lg...hehe

will update with many plushies soon~

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fabrics for sale =)

Want to let go some fabrics..

Do contact me if u are interested ;)

Code : FS01
Material : 100% cotton
Price : RM5 per fat quarter, RM20 per meter (excluding postage)
Available : 1 meter
Status: SOLD

Code : FS02
Material : Japanese cotton
Price : RM5 per fat quarter, RM20 per meter (excluding postage)
Available : 1 meter

Code : FS03
Material : Japanese cotton
Price : RM5 per fat quarter, RM20 per meter (excluding postage)
Available : 1 meter

Saturday, March 6, 2010

monster keychain - 2nd batch =)

my second batch monster

thanks to adik amalina ;)

...the shrink size mr bluey and loner ninja...

the 'gemok' loner ninja

the 'rongak' mr bluey

p/s : bought the cute round button from Button Planet...they're super cute n yummy! feels like eating them :P thanks Button visit them!