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Thursday, March 25, 2010

NurelL’s Craft First Giveaway =)

Let's join NurelL's Craft First Giveaway!

The prizes are yummy! (esp the ribbons and buttons)

hmmm...drooling...heheh ^_^

The giveaway item are:

1/2 meter of blue-heart Grossgrain ribbon
1/2 meter of pink-heart Satin ribbon
a dozen of oval cream buttons
a pack of sweet buttons
5 pairs of colourful glitter hairclips
1 crocheted flower Brooch
1 wooden butterfly HP Straps
1 small butterfly wooden pin
Felted cupcake

Hopefully the lucky winner will be Cik Sepatu Merah aka ME =)

For those who haven't join this giveaway, do visit NurelL's Craft here!

Hurry up! This giveaway will end at 25 March 2010!


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