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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Giftaway from Colors City Shop =)

Colors City Shop is having a Christmas Giveaway and it ends at 13 December 2009!!!

The giveaway items are :

- 1 pack of random blue colors beads
- Handmade fruit tart earrings
- Pearl with wired ribbon earrings
- 2 packs of Mulberry Paper Flowers
- 2 packs of flower buttons, 1 pack of candy buttons and 1 pack of heart buttons
- 2 rolls of deco tapes.
And they will be stuffed into a Handmade christmas socks.

The goodies are lovely and i hope i'm the lucky owner for them ^_^

Do visit Colors City Shop if you want to join the giveaway too.

And not to forget Merry Christmas to Ciyou =)


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