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Friday, February 12, 2010

from plushie to keychains!

Order from Rozy :)

She wants the ninja plushies to be transformed into keychains...

This is the first time i make keychains...

And it turned out to be great ^_^

i'm gonna make more keychains after this...

do check me out!

p/s: the price for 1 monster keychain or hp strap is RM4.oo


s.c.h.u.l.t said...

hello2.nak tanya..beli key chain punya besi tu dekat mana ye? thanks :)

zulaikha said... beli keychain tu dekat kedai craft di muar johor...kalau nak sy boleh je surveykan

dina :) said...

salam , if saya nak beli banyak kasi murah sikit bole ? mcm beli borong laaa :)

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