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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hello all.
Thank you for joining Sepatu merah first giveaway!
The giveaway has end and now its time to announce the winner :)

The winner for the first prize (plushie) is :

The participant number 26: annur_islam

The winner for the second prize (handphone charms) is:

Participant number 98: Dayana AZ

Congrats to the winner! Please send me an email with your details for delivery :)
The gifts will only be valid for 3 days. If the winner do not claim them within 3 days, then i will pick another winner on the 4th day. For those who did not win, worry not. I'm going to have another giveaway this August in conjuction with Sepatu Merah 2nd anniversary and my graduation.

Have a good day everyone! ^_^



nanakimie said...

tahniah semua pemenang:)

syufaa said...

congrats to the winner!

Telaga Putih said...

almk.. bkn sy la pulak.. mntk2 dorg xtuntut adiah.. hehehe (kejam gyler) :P papepon, tahniah pemenang! ^_^

annur_islam said...

Saya dah bg details..Thanks yer..:)

tiefazatie said...

tahniah pd yg menang!

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